Hangxin Raised Money to Build a Hope Primary School for the Children in the Quake-hit Areas
The magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Wenchuan,Sichuan greatly concerns everyone in Hangxin.  After the medicine which staff of Hangxin Group donated 50,000 yuan to buy was airlifted to quake-hit areas, Hangxin Group made another decision on May 19th which was about the fund raising to build a Hope Primary School for the children in the quake-hit areas.

    On the morning of May 19th, the national flag in Hangxin Group was flown at half mast to mourn the death of victims of the earthquake in Wenchuan.  At 14:28 in the afternoon, all staff of Hangxin Group and other subsidiary companies observed three-minute silent commemoration for the quake victims in Wenchuan.  After the commemoration, CEO and President of Hangxin Group—Mr.Pu Fansheng suggested that all staff in Hangxin once again should give a hand and raise money to build a Hope Primary School for the children in the quake-hit areas.  He was also the first to sign his name on the proposal sheet.  President Pu’s  proposal received tremendous response from all staff in Hangxin Group.  All continuously signed their names on the proposal sheet.

    Mr.Pu Fansheng expressed that schools suffered from the most severe lost in this earthquake with thousands of schools collapsing.  Many children who survived the earthquake were deprived of their homes, their parents and their schools which they are sentimentally attached to and where they develop their talents.  The question when the miserable children will go back to school concerns everyone in Hangxin.  The idea of building a Hope Primary School for the children in the quake-hit areas has become the most pressing hope for staff of Hangxin. 

    Hangxin Group’s response to this national earthquake relief was quick enough, for more than 50,000 yuan was raised within only one day under the propose of the management groups and the employees’ club of Hangxin just on the second day after the earthquake.  On May 15th, all money was spent on medicine needed urgently by the quake-hit areas.  The medicine was quickly airlifted to the People’s Hospital in Pi County of Sichuan which was seriously affected by the earthquake.  At present, all medicine has been used to rescue the injured victims, becoming one of the most important first-aid medicine in that hospital.  Hangxin Group’s enterprise culture--“Devotion to lives and Creation of Value” has been sufficiently demonstrated and exalted in this quake relief.